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Church And Chapel Ceremony Venues In Paphos

When wishing to arrange a Religious Ceremony that mirrors your religious beliefs there is an excellent choice of Chapels and Churches to choose from in Paphos. The most popular Church and Chapel Venues in Paphos are either the picturesque St George Chapel or the historic Ayia Kyriaki Church. Both venues offer an abundance in character, charm and attraction. Choosing the right one for you really does come down to personal choice and perhaps the expected size of your wedding party! Ayia Kyriaki Church can easily accommodate larger wedding parties whereas St George Chapel is better suited to smaller groups of 30 or less. When choosing a Religious Ceremony Venue such as a Chapel or Church it should also reflect religious beliefs. Booking either of these particular Religious Ceremony Venues in advance is essential to ensure availability.

Hotel Church And Chapel Ceremony Venues Available

Many hotels in Paphos have built within their hotel grounds a Chapel or Church that can be hired for religious ceremonies. Almost all of the hotel Church or Chapel Venues can only accommodate very small wedding parties although Anglican Church Ceremonies are permitted to be performed directly outside the entrance to the venue. This is actually in the couples favor as it means larger groups can be catered for and more often than not provides a stunning setting for a religious ceremony. Choosing an outdoor Church or Chapel venue opens up more options if you are considering where to have an Anglican Religious Ceremony. However when choosing a Catholic Ceremony it is a condition of the Catholic Church that the ceremony must takes place inside a chosen Church or Chapel. We have a delightful selection we can offer and are happy to recommend as an alternative choice of Religious Venue. Note: Hotel Church or Chapel hire fee will apply in addition to the Anglican or Catholic Ceremony fee.

How Long Is A Church Or Chapel Ceremony In Cyprus?

An Anglican or Catholic Ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted in exactly the same way as an Anglican or Catholic Ceremony would be performed in the UK. A certificate is provided by the Catholic or Anglican Church following the ceremony.

Is There A Rehearsal For A Religious Ceremony?

There is not a rehearsal for either an Anglican or Catholic Ceremony. However there will be an in depth meeting in place following your arrival with Church Officials to finalise all the details of the ceremony. The Church meeting will be arranged by your Personal Wedding Planner. Guidance and information is also provided by your Personal Wedding Planner long before your arrival in Cyprus regarding your chosen religious ceremony. Many couples ask if it is a requirement by the Anglican or Catholic Church in Cyprus for them to attend a Church Service whilst in Paphos. This is because in the UK couples are often required to attend to a number of Church services before the day of their wedding, if they are not already regular church attendees. Here it is not compulsory due to the time available to the couple whilst in Cyprus. Timing permitted an Anglican or Catholic Church Service may be attended to voluntarily before or following the date of the wedding.

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