Cyprus Wedding Packages


Amazing Cyprus Wedding Packages-What Choices Are There?

Our company offers two Amazing Cyprus Wedding Packages to help you begin to create your big day as seen described further below. Depending on your requirements will help you choose the right Amazing Cyprus Wedding Package for you. You are free to add on as little or as much as you will require or desire such as Photography, Videography, Bridal Hair, Additional Guest Transport, Additional Floral Décor, Entertainment….

What Is Included In Amazing Cyprus Wedding Packages?

The basics are all there, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Cake and Wedding Car, either package we will assist you with the booking, planning and the legalities for your wedding in Cyprus. In addition to this there will be the support and guidance of your personal wedding planner following your arrival, on your wedding day and throughout your stay in Cyprus.

Are Amazing Cyprus Wedding Packages Set In Gold?

Our Wedding Packages are not set in gold! if you wish to deduct an item from the package such as Wedding Flowers, Bridal car or Wedding cake we are happy to make a deduction on the overall cost of your chosen package. Equally if you wish to upgrade to the services of our Specialist Wedding Florist, Specialist Wedding Cake Designer or choose to Upgrade to a Vintage Wedding Car we can assist with these arrangements for you. Just let us know what you have in mind? The packages have been designed in such a way that they provide you with additional freedom of choice so that you receive only the services you require. This  enables you to add on your specific requirements in order to create your day and include exactly what you desire.  At the same time our Amazing Cyprus Wedding Packages will provide all the necessary assistance and foundations needed when arranging your Amazing Cyprus Wedding. However the guidance and assistance we provide within our  packages regarding any legal arrangements and the presence of your personal wedding planner throughout your stay in Cyprus is imperative to the overall smooth running of your wedding plans and preparations.

Amazing Cyprus Wedding Package 1 includes the following-

First package fee and services €790.00


Amazing Cyprus Weddings Package 2 includes the following-

Note: When choosing a church ceremony and/or a large wedding party is expected you may wish to consider choosing our second package as all necessary meetings are met with a personal escort. This package includes:

Second package fee and services €1,280.00