Hotel Receptions

Why Choose An Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue?

Many of our couples choose to have their Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue at their chosen hotel accommodation. On occasion it can be because it is more practical for the couple to have their reception meal at their hotel accommodation, particularly if this is where the ceremony venue will also be held. Reception arrangements may even be compulsory when a wedding ceremony is also in place at the hotel. Mainly a hotel wedding reception is decided through choice because of one of the many stunning Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venues available for hire.

Are There Any Requirements When Arranging My Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception?

Depending on your chosen hotel you may find it is a compulsory requirement of the hotel to combine the ceremony arrangements with the reception meal. Some may also ask that you are resident for a number of nights. There are hotels in Paphos that offer you the choice of hiring a hotel venue as a ceremony OR reception venue only if preferred, regardless of residency or non residency. In these cases normally a deposit is required by the hotel to secure the chosen venue. These options can provide you with further opportunities of organizing just your Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue at your preferred hotel regardless of where your ceremony is held.

Can I Add My Own Table Décor?

Yes of course and this is something we encourage to enhance the overall look of your reception arrangements although it is optional. We advise that you bring along a table plan with place names and favors that will be placed by your personal wedding planner. There is also the opportunity to purchase flowered water bowls with reflecting mirrors, balloon bouquet’s, organza coloured chair sash’s, fresh flower table arrangements, free standing flower arrangements and much more….Depending on your personal requirements and budget we can provide a specialist florist who can turn an Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue into something spectacular!

Considerations When Choosing An Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue

We will carefully consider where your ceremony will take place, the size of your wedding party, your personal preferences and budget before making suitable suggestions for an appropriate Amazing Hotel Wedding Reception Venue.

Do you have any questions?

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